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About Us

Making style statement is not an easy job. It requires a unique sense of fashion, good taste and right decision making power. Women, these days, are focusing on making style statement through their overall look, where footwear play a main part. Footwear as a matter of fact hold the power of adding grace to clothing and personality of the wearer. At Bamra Impex, we know smart women prefer adding grace to their look which is why we, with complete focus on new design and high comfort, are making an elegant line of footwear.

With talented minds, we are making luxurious and designer Pumps High Heels, High Heel Sandals, Ladies Boots, Ladies Wedges, etc., available for modern women. Saying 'No' to any of our designer pair is something that a woman can never do because our complete collection has the best amalgamation of style and comfort. Finding same pair of heels, flats, etc., at other companies is not an option because each pair at our company is exquisite. Our manufacturer type, long-standing experience holding company has made its way at the top in the Footwear Industry by designing a fantastic line for fashion conscious women.

Luxury Has A New Name: Dech Barrouci

Luxury is inexplainable in a few words, it is in fact something that can only be felt and cherished. Talking of luxury in appearance enhancing footwear, only a few factors in footwear like unique design, soft feel, smooth texture and attractive style defines luxury. Having all these in a pair of sandals, heels and flats makes our own footwear brand, Dech Barrouci, a new name for luxury. Dech Barrouci is a sticker of perfection, class and precision in every footwear, designed keeping interest of smart women in view. Our show-stopping Cosmopolitan High Heels Sandals, Urban Maroon Suede Boots and other footwear, land on the priority list of women desiring contemporary look with a touch of glamour and elegance.

Pros of Partnering With Us
  • Get The Right Size: Choose our vast collection to avail all standard sizes of footwear.
  • Pick From A Variety: From ethnic kurtis to chic dresses, we have a fantastic line of footwear for all types of clothing.
  • Grab Quality: Get hands on sheer quality at our company because soft sole, classic buckle and other quality essentials are used by us while designing Cosmopolitan High Heels Sandals, Urban Maroon Suede Boots and other footwear.
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